Michael Chavis Endearing Himself to Fenway Faithful

Michael Chavis has been making lots of noise since his call up, and hit his 8th home run of the season yesterday. Chavis has been hitting some huge homers over the Green Monster and even came up clutch with a walk off hit on Wednesday. Fans already seem to like the young slugger and crowds are thrilled by the bombs he has been hitting.

David Banks / Getty Images
However, the home run hit yesterday to pull the Sox within 1 run of the Astros was a moment that Red Sox fans attending the game are truly going to remember, and one that they hope to see much more of.

With the Sox trailing 3-1, Chavis stepped up to the plate in the bottom of the fifth. The Red Sox were allowing three selected children to announce the first three batters up to bat in the inning, as they do at Fenway from time to time. The third child up was an exuberant 5 year old boy named Jaxon who screamed the announcement of Chavis batting at the top of his lungs over the loudspeakers. 

The crowd went crazy for the kid and cheered enthusiastically, with many pointing up towards the child in the media booths. Chavis then stepped out briefly before starting his at bat, and pointed up towards the child himself. The crowd seemed to love the response and cheered in approval of the acknowledgment. 

Chavis took the very next pitch and deposited it far over the Green Monster wall for a home run. The crowd went absolutely wild at the events that had just taken place. As Chavis rounded the bases and reached home plate, many in the crowd pointed up at the booth where the child had announced from. As Chavis touched home, he did the same, pointing straight up at the media booths. The crowd erupted at this gesture from Chavis acknowledging the child who had announced him after hitting another monster home run.

Chavis' pure power and ability to hit incredibly long home runs will surely make him liked in Boston, but the kind of actions that Chavis displayed in the game against the Astros are what help to make a player a true fan favourite.