Jackie Bradley Jr. will get his shot

With the World Baseball Classic quickly approaching, Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino will be heading out of Spring Training to join Team USA. According to manager John Farrell, young phenom Jackie Bradley Jr. "will get some reps" at right field. In a move that makes sense, as Spring Training is the time to test out young players, there has been plenty of commotion about it.

Right field at Fenway Park is typically a difficult destination for outfielders. The Sox starter at the position must be an above-average defensive player to be comfortable there. Bradley is definitely going to fit right in. Since jetBlue Park is modeled after Fenway, the reps that he will receive in Victorino's absence will be more valuable.

The kid is already off to a very hot start; making base in 10 of his 16 plate appearances and batting .576 (8-for-14). Although a secured spot on the Sox roster is not even close to a guarantee, the idea should not be overlooked. Bradley certainly provides options for the team:
“I think I can play all the outfield spots if need be. I’m willing to work at any position I need to,’’ said Bradley before last night’s game.
He was then asked how he would describe his game in one word:
“Fast. Playing outfield, I like it. Either position, I don’t think it would be tough for me to handle at all.”
As one of the more highlighted stories of Spring Training, Jackie Bradley Jr. has provided youth and excitement to a team that could seriously use it. Fresh faces are in abundance, but Bradley's has been sticking out for weeks now. We'll see what the kid can do now that he is getting a serious shot.

Anthony Aidonidis